Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oldies But Goodies--Part II

Martha's Runnunculas
Oil on Canvas 18" X 14"

I stole this from Martha Stewart's book on entertaning (don't tell her). I loved the dreamy old-fashioned feel of the image and in fact, pushed it even more that way. Never got a nibble at a show, but I love it.

The Toast
Oil on Canvas 16"X20"

I adapted this from a photo in a cookbook on Tuscan cuisine. I gave me a chance to work on hands. They came off kinda "hammy"

Seaglass Mosiac I & II
Both Oil on Canvas

I was given a book about seaglass, got interested in the subject and made some paintings from photos in the book. Loved the reflections/refractions in the colors and how they varied so much within each piece

Oil on Canvas 20" X 16"

From another cookbook, this one published by the U. of Michigan Musical Society. It was filled with dramatic photos of musical instruments. I combined a couple of them in this

As we prepare to go to Mexico for two months, I have been in the mode of blocking out new paintings to work on in the studio when I get back and the outdoors is less artist-friendly. I also plan to paint in Mexico, occasionally with our mutual friend Frank Gardner and on expeditions of my own creating. These will be mostly sketches which I will bring back. So I should have a good slug of work to do over the winter. I have a library show in December and another one in April, so I have to be sure that the work is fresh and the "repertoire" doesn't overlap.
I also confess that I sense my style is evolving toward a looser, more painterly style, with more expanded interest in color and value range, less detail, more intimacy in subject--a whole lot of things. I think this is the way for me to go--to look at naturally-occuring options--and to refine what I'm trying to do and to make the most of it. I also have an interest in face and figure work--more interpretive than literal--so I have to find a way to study more of that as well.
So regard the above paintings as something of an hommage to my painting past and a bit of a review of some of the off-beat subjects I've tackled.
I'll try to blog from Mexico as well, as well as keep up with those of my correspondents. Adios!


rob ijbema said...

wow that is sharp jack,most impresive,excellent!

Barbara Pask said...

Hi Jack, all of these are really nice, I especially like the floral arrangement. I can relate to trying different things, I'm all over the place. Landscapes, still lifes even portraits. I'm interested in everything, guess that's ok. Have a wonderful trip, I know you'll come back with lots of inspiration and hopefully some great photos.

Jack Riddle said...

Rob, Barb--thanks for the encouragement. As for photos--I bought a FujiFilm 1000 for a great price at Wal Mart(ugh!). It has 12X optical zoom, 10 megapixels and a whole lot of other things I don't understand yet. But it does take great photos and I expect to bring back tons--I'll share too...

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I'm liking these paintings and I won't tell Martha.
I will be thinking of you and Frank painting in Mexico.
I love Mexico.

Jack Riddle said...

Mary--thanks for your comments. I see from your profile that you've been to Cancun. Next time, try San Miguel--it's totally different (though I've never been to Cancun) That's just what I've been told!

Cooper Dragonette said...

Wow Jack! You've been busy!! Thanks for your kind note about our new baby boy! It wasn't long after you and I met at Ft. Williams that we were at Mercy for three days! All are well over here. Any shows coming up for you? First Friday tomorrow!

Ambera said...

Top one is beautiful, a very strong piece.

Paz said...

All lovely paintings.