Monday, April 6, 2009

Stuck Indoors I have to go deep into my resource files to find material to paint. That's the thing about Maine--if you're an artist here, you have to develop files of material to have in the winter months so you can keep painting. Like a squirrel hoards nuts, I suppose. Herewith some of the fruits of that labor.

Downeast Sunset
11" X 14" Oil on Canvas Panel

I bought a dozen canvas panels from Raymar as I like working on the firm surface. I had in the past used their linen panels, which I like even more, but they are relatively expensive, so I thought I'd try this less expensive option. I was in the mood to press on a lot of paint and I find the harder surface without the give of stretched canvas allows me to do that.
I have a wonderful book called "The Rockbound Coast" which chronicles a sail from downeast Maine (extreme notheast coast) to Kittery on the state's southwestern border. I've "borrowed" from it in the past and here I go again. This is from a photo by Chris Little. I took some liberties with it, pushed the contrasts and the colors.

Back to the Boat
11 X 14 Oil on Canvas Panel

Also from a Little photo. It was untitled so I imagined that it was people in a dinghy, returning to their anchored boat, before nightfall, from a shore excursion. The photo was very dark, so I lightened it up a bit and as usual pushed the colors. How 'bout that sky!

Beachfront Shacks
11" X 14" Oil on Canvas Panel

Still another from the book. I like the setting sun highlighting the front of the shacks. (Yes you can see a setting sun from many locations on the Maine coast.) I prettied the shacks up a bit as I felt they "read" wrong in a more dilapidated state. I wondered too if now, 20 years later, they are still there, or does this beautiful frontage on the ocean now hold a "MacMansion." I'll have to go see...


Barbara Pask said...

Hi Jack, you have been busy, I bet the long winters are tough. I'm in Ohio and that is as far north as I ever plan to live. All three of these are wonderful, the second is my favorite just love everything about it. I really like the Raymar panels too, never tried the linen as I'm cheap, lol.

Jack Riddle said...

Thanks, Barb-these photos aren't the best so I really appreciate your nice comments. Our friend Frank Garner introduced me to the Raymar linen panels which he uses all the time. The canvas ones are great, too, although I really like that "nubbly" weave in the linen.
Ohio, eh...I went to school in Ann Arbor Mich so I hope we're not mortal enemies. Or maybe we are but united by art! Good to hear from you.

Amy Sullivan said...

~I hope things are warming up for you now~
~We are having a very lovely spring here in Richmond.~
~Often here it goes from cold to hot~ with no cool lovely days~
~ I haven't been by here in your bloggy lately~
~But~ I see that you have been busy~
~ I love the sky in the second painting so much~
~I have seen skys like this~ & you have captured it so beautifully~

~I have been busy painting sets lately~ & this last one or really 2 one acts were operas~
~So, I thought of you.~
~When you get a chance~ it would make me very happy if you take a peek at them.~

Jack Riddle said...

Amy--Thanks. The weather is indeed better and I've already been out.
Looked at your sets. Very nice and interesting too. I've always admired set painters (and designers) and their ability to use perspective, light, colors, etc. for effect. Keep at it!

Marian Fortunati said...

Nice Jack...
I especially like the middle one with the beautiful sun just about to retire for the day.

Hey... maybe your son could send you some more pics from around his area... That Sammy's painting was one of my favorites!!

Jack Riddle said...

Thanks Marian.My son won't be sending me stuff from that neighborhood much longer. They bought a coop in Washington Heights which they'll move into in a couple of weeks. It's a whole different set of eye candy up there-Cloisters, Ft. Tryon Park, Palisades across the river, etc., so we'll see what comes of that!

Barbara Pask said...

Checking in Jack, hope things are well with you. I have missed your posts.

Marian Fortunati said...

Just say Barbara's post and visited to see your latest work...

Hope you are okay???

Looking forward to hearing from you again soon.

Jack Riddle said...

Barbara and Marian--I have had severe nerve problems in my right arm and have been limted in what I can do with it. Computer work for some reason has been especially painful. But I have continued to paint through it all--at a price. But I wasn't about to give that up! Things are improving slowly, so I should catch up soon. I'm way behind on my website, too and I decided to do Facebook, but I haven't done much on it.But I have new work, so I'm anxious to get back. Thanks for your concern.