Saturday, October 24, 2009

Baby Blue House on Beach Street

Oil on Canvas 11 X 14
You know how you can walk by a place day after day and not give it a thought, then all of a sudden it jumps out at you and says "Paint me!" I must have walked by this house 200 times in the past couple of years. One day I looked up and knew that I should paint it. So I did! It's on a street one block from my house that goes down to Willard Beach, here in South Portland. The light just suited my style that day. I titled it so because I love alliterative names. It's my past as a copywriter haunting me.


The Crap Blog Detective said...

Why didnt you paint any people in it and make it more interesting?

Jack Riddle said...

CBD--I thought about putting a couple of kids playing at the foot of the front stairs, but I liked the way it looked when I got to this point. So I left it that way. Thanks for your opinion, it's nice to get a constructive suggestion. There's a bit too much love out there.
Do you paint?

FCP said...

With apologies for adding "too much love" I was drawn to this painting because it has such a nice feeling of LIGHT! It reminds me of Charles Sovek's lovely use of blues and lavenders. I hope you are feeling better, Jack. You were missed!

Jack Riddle said...

Thanks, Faye. And I really like your recent posts. My arm is about 99% and I am painting up a storm. Will be posting a lot more anon.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I love it. Welcome back.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Too much Love!! I love it.
I gave what I thought was a constructive critique to a dear friend recently and she was quite upset and defensive.
It makes me wonder sometimes that the people who comment ONLY comment if they like the piece. If they see something that could use a bit of correction, they probably aren't going to bring it up.
I don't know why I didn't just keep it to myself. Felt awful about upsetting her ;(
Maybe not ENOUGH love on my end?