Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Saying Goodbye to summer

Strawberry Pickers
16 X 20 Oil on Canvas

After a glorious summer here in New England, the signs that it will end soon are showing. But I am reluctant to let go, so I will preserve a some memories with a couple of pieces I did. Above is that all too brief Maine tradition: strawberry picking. The season lasted just two weeks this year (it's usually three), but I did get out to catch the bent bodies of those who choose to "pick your own." This is a field in Cape Elizabeth which seems "forever." It's ironic that such verdant foliage virtually hides the berries which makes all that stooping and crawling around necessary.
Below is the product of a visit to nearby Pine Point where at low tide many boats are beached, providing the owners a chance for some maintenance. The boat reminds me of a beached whale.

Bottoms Up!
16 X 20 Oil on Canvas


Lynn Lancaster said...

enjoyed your painting. I too, am a retired businessman. I have always had a passion for painting, but my wife enjoyed eating and gas in her car, so I had to work for a living. Now it's time to paint.

Jack Riddle said...

Lynn--go for it! Painting will change your life.

Jack Riddle said...

Lynn--I should also say that your work is terrific. You are certainly not starting from scratch.