Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rogues Gallery

I've been studying portraits and figures over the winter. Not ready for models quite yet, I settled on on painting characters in opera. I found images on CD covers, opera calendars, magazine and the like. My approach was not to duplicate the images, rather to interpret them as I felt they should be represented. Here are a couple with more to come later.

Otello Oil on Canvas 11" X 14"
"Otello" (Italian) is from Verdi's opera of that name which he adapted from Shakespeare's "Othello." As you know, Otello was undone by his jealousy. In the opera he is often portrayed as a vulnerable man and somewhat clueless. But I see him as more volatile, quick, reckless and powerful.

Flastaff Oil on Canvas 11" X 14"
A true rogue, Sir John Falstaff is a character which Verdi adapted from another Shakespeare play "The Merry Wives of Windsor." The opera is simply called "Falstaff." It was Vedri's last opera and thought by many to be his greatest. Falstaff is often characterized as a bloated buffoon, but I see him as much more crafty and sly, always plotting. But of course he ends up in a bad place, much deserved.

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